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A degree in sociology from Coe makes possible a wide variety of career opportunities.

Recent graduates have gone on to a number of satisfying and challenging careers including working in corrections as a federal probation officer, 咨询, 个案工作, urban planning or acting as a community prevention and education specialist on issues of domestic violence. Others have gone on to PhD programs in sociology, and applied programs in social work and law enforcement. Those who go on to further study regularly comment that they have been well-prepared by their undergraduate work at Coe.

雷切尔·凯利 graduated in 2019 with a major in sociology. She is working in recruiting as a talent acquisition coordinator for Angi (home improvement service provider).


布兰登王子 graduated in 2019 with a major in sociology. He works in special education with students who have open IEPs (individualized education plans) at Butler College Prep School in Chicago. He also serves as an interventionist for freshman and transfers who need help improving grades.


苏菲嘹亮的歌 graduated in 2016 with a major in sociology. They are currently an equal opportunity investigator II for the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission.

"My career is based on opportunities afforded to me through my connections and courses I obtained under the sociology department at Coe. I developed an incredible sense of self and a desire for personal growth by allowing myself to see the world through a sociological lens. To say I am grateful will forever be an understatement."


Brittaney贝克 graduated in 2015 with a major in sociology and minor in gender studies. She went on to earn a Master of Social Work in organizational leadership and policy practice from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Brittaney currently works in academic affairs at Vanderbilt University, assisting in the successful implementation of Immersion Vanderbilt, an experiential learning requirement for all undergraduate students. 同时, she is pursuing a Doctorate of Education in higher education leadership and policy curriculum at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.

"Declaring sociology as my major was the best decision of my undergraduate career. The faculty are unmatched and truly care about their students and their development – in and beyond the classroom. The skillsets acquired through the courses prepared me in utilizing critical thinking, socio-cultural understanding and positively shaped my worldview as a global citizen."

艾米丽Hipps利文斯顿 graduated in 2011 with majors in sociology, English and creative writing. She works as an English language instructor at the International Institute of Minnesota.


山姆》 graduated in 2009 with majors in sociology and political science. He is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sam earned his doctorate in the sociology program at the University of California, Davis. He is currently a UX researcher at Kit + Carta.

"The Coe academic plan reflects various students’ goals, whether oriented toward a career path or further academic advancement. Coe's strong curricular emphasis on writing enables students to develop this important skill that translates well beyond the classroom, and the level of faculty devotion to teaching further sets Coe apart from many colleges."

  • 马特·伯奇 (sociology, computer science), senior research scientist, 3M
  • 乍得Kepros (sociology), district court judge, state of Iowa Judicial Branch
  • 利比沙尔Slappey (sociology), development director, Kids First Law Center
  • 史蒂夫·哈福德 (sociology), program coordinator, AEGON USA Inc.
  • 豪尔赫·佩纳 (sociology), substance abuse counselor, Midamar Corporation
  • 琥珀Mason-Lupkes (sociology) federal probation officer, Cedar Rapids
  • 黛安·纳尔逊, research coordinator, Vernon 研究 Group
  • 凯特DeTrent, adoption coordinator for Lutheran Family Services of Colorado