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Carmen Christine Chavez ’21

“I love how easy it is to get involved with 剧院 at Coe. The best way to learn about the art of performing is by being involved in a production. 在科, students get more one-on-one attention from staff, making it easier to improve your theatrical skills.”

Carmen is a biology 和 musical 剧院 major, who has worked with her advisor to develop a four-year plan. She says Coe faculty often share audition opportunities outside of Coe because they know practice is the key to honing your craft.

As a 剧院 student you will participate in at least one of the three mainstage productions held in Dows Theatre each year 和 have a number of opportunities to partake in student-directed or student-generated productions. Sound, costumes, makeup 和 props are all student responsibilities.

Arts at Coe 2020-2021 Theatre Schedule

Why 戏剧艺术 at Coe?

Our mission is to provide practical 和 theoretical training in 剧院 making (through classes, labs 和 productions) with a collaborative process that builds community, fosters global awareness 和 examines the complexities of diverse human narratives.

The 剧院 arts program is designed to provide a balance between academic 和 experiential learning for all interested students. Our goal is to offer opportunities for participation in all aspects of 剧院, on stage 和 in the classroom, 和 to enrich the cultural 和 academic life of the college.

The program accommodates both majors 和 minors through 课程s focused on theatrical history, theory 和 literature, as well as through training in acting, 导演, design 和 theatrical production. This foundation prepares you for graduate study 和 for any field that values high-level communication skills, as well as careers in 剧院 as teachers, 艺术家, technicians or managers.

To help you prepare for graduate study 和/or a professional career, all majors are required to present an audition piece or portfolio for annual review beginning your second year. The senior seminar provides a capstone experience, giving you an opportunity to reflect on your development as a 剧院 artist 和 to examine 剧院 as a collaborative art form.

You may choose to complete a general 剧院 major or an emphasis in acting, 导演 or technical/design. You also may opt to focus on 剧本创作 or 戏剧作法.


Fostering opportunities to develop 新工作 for the stage has been a long-st和ing mission of Coe's 剧院 program. Since 1993 Coe has held a national biennial 剧本创作 contest that brings the winning playwright to campus for a one-week residency that includes writing workshops with 剧本创作 students. 剧本创作 Workshops I 和 II are offered each year, 和 new plays written by students are featured in annual events.


1xbet体育相信 剧院 belongs at the center of your liberal arts experience, 和 nowhere is this more evident than in the study of 戏剧作法. 在1xbet体育的 生产 性能 课程, students submerge themselves in the dramaturgical research suggested by the playtext, exploring historical, social 和 political issues.