Other Scholarship Sources, Lists & 搜索引擎


联邦/State Scholarship Sources:

  • 国家财政援助计划
    No matter what state you’re from, it’s likely that your state education agency has at least one grant of scholarship available for application. Just click on your state and you’ll be brought right to a list of possible scholarship and grant opportunities. Be aware that state 奖学金 may only be available to those who reside and attend college in the same state. For some direct information about Iowa’s state page go to:
  • Iowa College Student Aid Commission State Grants and 奖学金
    The Iowa College Student Aid Commission offers several award opportunities with varying criteria. Included in their list of 奖学金 are grants for both high school seniors and current students intended to help students with specific career/academic goals or specific status as a foster child, 爱荷华州博览会的参与者, 等.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
    为残疾人士而设, vocational rehabilitation is a state-supported method put in place to assist in costs of getting an education and pursuing your career. Every state in the country has an agency and individual opportunities, and some have an additional agency solely meant to aid those with visual impairment or blindness. If you’re a student with any disabilities, make sure to contact your respective agency or visit their website for more information about the opportunities you might be missing out on.
  • 美元的1xbetapp
    美元的1xbetapp chapters exist all over the country offering 奖学金 to high school seniors. 本章搜索引擎, 组织的位置, will allow you to enter your zip code and find the individual websites for any 美元的1xbetapp organizations near you.
  • 教授予
    教授予s are awarded annually in an amount up to $4000 and are offered nationally to students who intend to pursue careers in teaching following their attainment of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 为了被考虑, the student must complete an “Agreement to Serve” which states (s)he will teach in a high-need educational field to those in higher need of quality education. This entails teaching at least four years out of the first eight years following their acquisition of their degree. Students must file a FAFSA in order to apply. Note: If a 教授予 recipient does not complete the required four years of teaching, the scholarship will be converted into an unsubsidized loan, requiring it to be paid back along with interest.


  • 黑色的奖学金
    A list of 奖学金 aimed primarily toward assisting minority, women, or nontraditional students 支付高等教育费用. The list is made up of some of the 奖学金 and grants that most significantly impact minority students at a national level.
  • Diabetes Council Scholarship Resource
    Educational resource focused on helping students with diabetes find 奖学金. Multiple scholarship opportunities for students with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are listed.
  • The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting
    The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting offers several different scholarship awards to females pursuing an accounting degree. Each scholarship has different specific criteria and award amounts, but applications are due in annually in April.
  • OnlineSchools.org
    A list of 奖学金 meant entirely for minority 或女性学生. They have a variety of submission guidelines for African American, 印第安人, 拉丁裔和西班牙裔, 亚裔美国人, 国际, 或女性学生, and any of them could be very significant in paying for tuition.