One of the top 10 schools that “get Greek life right.”——Collegexpress

1xbet体育的兄弟会和姐妹会生活通过奖学金提供无限的机会和福利, leadership opportunities, 社会活动, 服务项目, networking and lasting friendships.




In addition to forging lifelong friendships, 在你的分会或委员会中担任一个职位,你会发展领导技能, 在有组织的奖学金项目的帮助下取得学术上的成功,并扩展你在各种话题上的知识,如网络.


  • 姐妹会- αγδ, αοπ, ασα, Delta Delta Delta & σλγ, Inc.
  • 兄弟会- αλ气, φKappaτ, φμα Sinfonia, τKappaε & σβλ, Inc.

Coe的兄弟会和姐妹会成员以他们的校园社交活动而闻名,部分原因是你在每个组织中发现的兄弟情谊或姐妹情谊的强大纽带. 每个组织都为自己的成员以及其他兄弟会和姐妹会成员计划各种各样的活动. In addition, all of the chapters make academics a priority. 经过多年的, Coe的兄弟会和姐妹会成员被证明比非希腊成员获得更高的GPA.

1xbet体育的兄弟会和姐妹会组织也非常积极地为校园和社区服务. 科大学兄弟会和姐妹会成员在当地的食品银行做志愿者, animal shelters and blood drives — just to name a few. In addition to their extensive community service, 每个分会都赞助各种慈善活动,为一些惊人的事业筹集资金.

For more information on fraternity and sorority life at Coe, please contact Vanessa Sandoval, Director of 1xbet体育, at



1xbet体育的目的: To gain understanding that wisdom may be vouchsafed to me. To develop and prize health and vigor of body. To cultivate acquaintances with many whom I meet. 珍惜与少数人的友谊,并研究如何使友谊更加美满. 欢迎有机会在我所在的社区为世界的工作做出贡献,因为服务的乐趣和领导才能的倍增. To honor my home, my country, my religious faith. To hold truth inviolable, sincerity essential, kindness invaluable. To covet beauty in environment, manner, word and thought. To possess high ideals and to attain somewhat unto them.

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1xbet体育的目的: The object of the fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, 尊严, scholarship and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interests of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed; and in no way to disregard, 为了兄弟会或其任何分会的声望或进步而伤害或牺牲这些利益.

1xbet体育的座右铭: Always together through love and loyalty

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1xbet体育的愿景: 培养以她们的品格和关心他人而闻名的女性的价值观和理想. ασα激励女性去领导,去服务,最重要的是去创造不同. 

1xbet体育的愿景: ASA是一个妇女组织,通过强调知识分子的四个目标之间的平衡来促进其成员的崇高理想和标准, 物理, social and spiritual development. ASA provides opportunities through sisterhood — forming strong bonds of unconditional friendships based on common values and experiences; heritage — expressed through creed, ritual and history; and leadership and service — enhanced by chapter campus and community involvement.

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1xbet体育的使命: Through excellence in the organization’s five founding principles, σλγ National Sorority Inc. provides opportunities for lifelong empowerment to its members, thereby positively influencing the global community.

1xbet体育的原则: 道德 & 伦理、社会交往、学术、社区服务、文化意识

1xbet体育的座右铭: "Culture is Pride, Pride is Success"

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1xbet体育的目的: DDD将在其成员之间建立永久的友谊纽带, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, 拓宽道德和知识生活,并以各种可能的方式帮助其成员.

1xbet体育的价值观: Truth, self-sacrifice, friendship

1xbet体育的座右铭: "Let us steadfastly love one another."

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1xbet体育的愿景: A world where the ideal man: 

  • Pursues a life of respect and inclusion for all.
  • Supports one another to make a positive impact on society.
  • 树立忠诚、责任、尊重、服务和管理、荣誉、正直和个人勇气的榜样.

1xbet体育的使命: 激励和装备男性,让他们在道德生活中成长、服务和领导.

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1xbet体育的使命: φKappaτ的使命是维护终生的兄弟情谊, 学习, ethical leadership and exemplary character.

1xbet体育的愿景: φKappaτ的愿景是被公认为一个领导组织,将人们团结在一起,挑战他们,以改善他们的校园和世界.

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1xbet体育的目标: "The object of this fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the alma mater."

Find out more about our national φμα Sinfonia organization. 


1xbet体育的使命: To nurture and further a dynamic, 以价值为基础的环境,利用1xbet体育历史上以拉丁裔为基础的博爱作为催化剂,更好地满足所有人的需要和愿望

1xbet体育的座右铭: Opportunity for wisdom, wisdom for culture.

1xbet体育的原则: Opportunity for wisdom, wisdom for culture.

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1xbet体育的使命: To aid men in their mental, moral and social development for life.

1xbet体育的愿景: τKappaε creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, 人际关系, community and professional success.

1xbet体育的目的: TKE通过会员的个人成长和对他人的服务为社会的进步做出贡献.

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