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差不多到了! #KohawkDay是一个庆祝校友自豪的日子, students, friends, faculty and staff of Coe College.


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1xbet体育摔跤队有一个历史性的周末3月12日至13日在国家摔跤教练协会(NWCA)三级全国锦标赛, with nine All-Americans and three national champions. Click here to read all the details.


The birth of women’s athletics at Coe College and beyond

100多年前, Mabel Lee在看到一张女子篮球队的照片后,她进入了1xbet体育. 她没想到,她后来成为推动女子体育运动最有影响力的人物之一,甚至代替第一夫人卢·胡佛(Lou Hoover)主持了1932年奥运会的女子项目.

“'I made up my mind I wouldn’t marry. I wanted a career, but I didn't know what career. I was groping for something I didn't know existed,她在《1xbet体育》的一篇文章中写道.

After graduating with a degree in psychology, 1910年,李成为1xbet体育历史上的第二位体育主任.


在她的领导下,科的体能训练项目成为了全美最好的项目之一. 她还创立了舞蹈和运动课程,使殖民地舞会和五月嘉年华成为科多年来最受尊敬的两个传统.

After eight years of teaching at Coe, Lee taught at State Agricultural College of Oregon, Beloit College and University of Nebraska. She published four books and co-authored three memoirs.

李一生都热衷于支持女子体育运动的发展和组织,这使她成为美国健康联盟的第一位女性主席, 体育教育与娱乐和美国体育学会. 她代表年轻女孩和各个年龄段的妇女发言, she put greater emphasis on athletics for college women.

“We propose to have athletics for American women, but we propose to have them controlled by women, 由女性指导, 有女人陪伴, 由女性主持, 由女性培训, protected by women physicians, 1xbet体育要对那些不关心理想的美国人说, men who would like to commercialize this growing force, who seek notoriety through women’s athletics, 1xbet体育说‘别碰我!’ and we mean just what we say,她说.

Lee received honorary doctorates from Coe, 乔治威廉姆斯和伯洛伊特学院,并于1977年入选科的体育名人堂. There are now 14 women’s athletic teams at Coe. Her passion continues to inspire the Coe community. She died on December 2, 1985, at the age of 99. 李的精神在她留下的遗产中继续存在.

1xbet体育喜欢看到1xbet体育的科霍克人因为他们的成就和对社区的贡献而成为头条新闻. Check out these alumni who recently made the news.

  • 五名Coe校友入选2021年爱荷华州100名伟大护士: 87年的Stacey Abel, 南希·布鲁尔90年, 蒂芙尼Tiedtke Dill ’04, 93年的克里斯蒂·米利根 and 珍妮·罗伯茨 Woods ’10. This award recognizes nurses who have made meaningful, lasting contributions to their patients, 同事和护理专业人员被视为其他护理专业人员的导师. Congratulations to our incredible Kohawk nurses!
  • Liz Graznak, 98年他是密苏里州快乐谷农场的老板,最近被评为 2021 Organic Farmer of the Year by the Midwest Organic & Sustainable 教育 Service. 她也是 featured in COMO Magazine.


Class of 2020 Commencement

Graduation from Coe College is truly a milestone, 由于去年1xbet体育未能为2020届毕业生举行传统的典礼, we are planning to hold in-person, socially distanced Commencement activities on May 1, including ringing of the 胜利贝尔.

Visit www.cheappoolpumpsreviews.com/graduation 有关毕业典礼和所有毕业周末活动的信息. 更多的详细信息将在可用时添加到本网页.

Meet the Office of 多样性、股票 and 包容 staff

Coe’s Office of 多样性, 公平与包容(DEI)由来自整个学院的七名工作人员组成. 观看这段视频,了解他们并更多地了解他们所做的工作.



3月27日,科的足球队开始了他们春季赛季的第一场比赛, 克拉克球场得到了急需的、有意义的升级. 新的记分牌不仅增强了科霍克比赛日的体验, 它也是史蒂夫·斯泰克作为教练的永久纪念, mentor, dear friend and loyal Kohawk.

新的记分牌是由Staker家族和许多史蒂夫的前球员的贡献而成的, 教练和朋友. 1xbet体育仍然鼓励并将继续鼓励赠送纪念史蒂夫的礼物 recognized as part of the scoreboard project. 今年夏天将安装一块纪念该项目和Staker 100捐助者的特殊牌匾. Go to www.alumni.cheappoolpumpsreviews.com/stakerscoreboard 制作你的礼物.

Homecoming 2021 Save the Date

Homecoming 2021: Home Sweet Coe!

While we couldn’t celebrate like we wanted to in 2020, 1xbet体育希望能在2021年10月21日至24日亲自回家. We hope you will make plans to attend your reunion, 名人堂晚宴, 返校表演音乐会和各种其他活动,同时与同学和朋友重新联系,重温您最喜欢的科传统.

This year's reunion classes are 2014-2016, 2010-2011, 2000-2002, 1994-1996, 1989-1991, 1980-1981年和1970-1971年.



4月15日- Coe vs. Cornell Virtual Trivia Night — Join fellow Kohawks on Thursday, April 15, 在CDT时间晚上7:00-8:30与康奈尔大学校友进行虚拟对手琐事挑战. Fly solo or create a team for this night of fun!